How To Keep Your Cabinets Looking New

How To Keep Your Cabinets Looking New

You’ve just completed a kitchen with brand new cabinetry and you want it to look that way forever. With a few simple guidelines, it is easy to maintain that fresh, new look in the kitchen.

For general cleaning, it is best to use a damp soft cloth followed by a dry towel to wipe up any excess water. For a deep clean, there are commercial cleaners available that are safe for your cabinets. Keep in mind the cleaning products should never be sprayed directly onto the cabinet door or drawer. Frequent dusting of the cabinet surfaces is also recommended to prevent a build up of dirt and grime.

Of course, spills are inevitable in the kitchen. The key is to wipe up these spills immediately with a soft cloth. Prolonged exposure to water or moisture will cause damage to the cabinets. Here are the main things you want to avoid with your cabinets:

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Avoid water exposure. If water does reach the cabinets, wipe up immediately.

Avoid sponges and dish cloths. These items could scratch the doors and drawers. They could also add excess water or moisture to the wood.

Avoid draping damp cloths over doors. Draping the cloths over doors traps in the moisture and will cause damage.

Touch up kits are also a great accessory to have on hand to repair minor damages over time. Small scratches or marks could be easily patched up with the paint marker or crayon. Examining the cabinets a few times of year for possible touch ups could help maintain that fresh appearance.

Looking for a commercial cleaner that is safe to use on your cabinets? One recommended product for both stained and painted cabinetry is Wood for Good Daily Clean by Method. This is a no-wax formula which leaves no residue on the surface and can be found at most retail stores.


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