Meet the Team

Warehouse Team

Our skilled warehouse team is there for everything from fulfilling orders to quality control. They use extreme detail in picking and packing each order to ensure it is received in perfect condition. We have experienced assemblers to build each cabinet to meet the desires of the customer. Our inventory department keeps the warehouse running smoothly so all orders can be completed at our guaranteed lead times. The courteous warehouse pickup crew always treats each customer with exceptional care. Our warehouse team is the foundation that keeps our company operating with industry leading service!

Administrative Team

From accounting and claims, to even purchasing and IT support, our administrative team assists our customers in a variety of situations. This group of professionals is derived from a variety of backgrounds to ensure we are running our company with the best, brightest and intuitive group of highly driven associates available. All departments work together to ensure we are incorporating the most up-to-date versions of software, accounting methods, and product purchasing and replacement policies our industry can offer.

Logistics Team

The logistics team works a lot of the magic behind the scenes at US Cabinet Depot. They are in charge of ensuring that each order is fulfilled and sent to its final destination with no issues. This team works closely with each carrier to reduce issues or resolve any problem as quickly as possible so our dealers can keep to their often strict schedules.

Customer Service Team

Our Customer Service team is always there to help. The Sales and Marketing department gives extensive attention to each new dealer who applies to create a rewarding partnership between our company and our dealers. They make certain that the most recent company and product information is in the hands of our dealers so they can sell our cabinets successfully. Customer Service makes every effort to answer each question and address each issue they come across, wearing many hats they handle a little bit of everything, from product questions to order changes. This collective group is the face of the company with their direct contact with nearly all of our dealers.

Management Team

Our experienced group of managers oversees each team at US Cabinet Depot. These leaders help keep the company running at its best and have been an important part of growing the business to what it is today. They do their best to keep not only our employees happy, but each and every dealer who gets signed up as well. Each of them has started in one of the mentioned departments and become a manager through learning and contributing as much as possible. By staying open to any feedback from customers or employees they help make sure US Cabinet Depot stays an industry favorite cabinet supplier.

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